Destiny vault of glass not matchmaking

Best raiding happened with less players. Like, can you still do the original difficulty for Vault of Glass, or did they. How nice it would be to just open up the navigation pane, select the raid, and wait a few minutes until you and five other strangers were thrown together and dropped down at the doors to the vault! It's Bungie's decision to do this and you don't have to buy the game if you have such strong objections to the direction of this game. Keep sounding off about it, and maybe someday some matchmade Fireteam mates will hear you, too.

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Why would a game lacking basic features that have been around for over a decade sound good to you?

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Destiny vault of glass not matchmaking

Just continue to complain about it on the internet, I'm sure that'll help fix things. Fuji, Japan multiplayer gaming better than ever, effortless. No, neither can we. And I probably wouldn't take issue of the lack of matchmaking if the social aspect didn't feel so damn clunky least from the beta. The raid wipes if insufficient damage goes up into the air. They all bunch up on one side, then the other. I can't even imagine a 6 hour raid and how much the damage ultrasponge enemies are going to absorb.

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destiny vault of glass not matchmaking
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destiny vault of glass not matchmaking
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