Matchmaking wot unfair

Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. As far as anecdotal evidence goes. I have proven random matchmaking to be blatanly unfair. I am now the 1 ranked E75 on the NA server! Therefore I didn't learn anything.

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Unless you are a scout - then the tier-difference can be higher.

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Unfair Matchmaking?

VooDooKobra Jan 29 It unfortunately happens often that the tiers are not even spread or that a team has for example 6 top tier heavies and the other team just has 1 top tier heavy and 5 mediums or so wich is clearly not even on current map rotations. Just balance the skill on both sides. What is so difficult to make that both teams have for example 4 tier 8 tanks 5 tier 7 tanks and 6 tier 6 tanks?!?!? Speaking of heavy- I have also found several matches where my team was built of almost entirely SPGs, mediums, and TDs, while the other team was outfitted with quite a few, typically well outfitted heavy tanks. If random battles are organized with an averaged WN8 or in game personal score over the whole team and balanced it the same or near for the opposing team it would make for more balanced games. Provide each player with a low wait time.

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matchmaking wot unfair
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matchmaking wot unfair
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